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Has Nigel Farage got it 100% the wrong way round on immigration?

He says keep out the European economic migrants but let in the Syrian Jihadis. I would rather 100 migrants who want to work here and support our economy to one who wants to undermine our way of life, carry out terror attacks an make us a Muzzy country

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    I dont think that is what he is saying. Farage cant deny that and im no tory but in fairness they have all but stopped non highly skilled non EU immigration so thats not as much of an issue anymore. Unless anyone outside the eu has a skill, education, experience and a job offer in an advanced field the uk desperately needs, they cant come here. Even marriages are no guarantee and need large finances behind them and to be passed as genuine. It is the insane EU freedom of movement laws which even a partially trained squirrel could see would not see equal movement everywhere but one sided swarms going to the more developed countries with better economies that now need changing.

    Im sure you will but ignore count rumford, he doesnt have a clue...haf of these countries only have infrastructure and half decent education because of the british and there is no denying and it is clear their main problem is religion, specifically islam over there as well as booming populations. I assume hes an american who's ignoring his country killing people in their beds and bombing and invading everywhere in the present day meaning nobody develops or tries to better themsleves or their country as they could be blown to bits tomorrow by a drone or missile.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You do not seem to quite grasp WHY so many immigrants from Muslim nations have a "right" to immigrate to your damp & fetid little isle, my friend!

    Under Queen Victoria, your country "built an Empire" by raping & pillaging nations all across Africa, Asia and the Middle East....I understand that YOU were not involved personally, but answer me this; if the roles were reversed, and you were living in a mud hut somewhere eating bugs and drinking goat urine, and you learned that the REASON you were so poor was because some Empire-builder robbed your Great-Grandparents blind and left them with nothing, would YOU be perfectly happy just to let "bygones be bygones", or would you be kind of pissed off about that?

    Try to be honest, now!

    Your recent ancestors (along with the French) are the ones responsible for the mess in Syria today...dressing it up as something related to Islam might make YOU feel better but doesn't changed the facts! You want someone to blame? Blame Queen Victoria, David Lloyd George, François Georges-Picot and British diplomat Mark Sykes...over a period of several decades a long time ago, THOSE are the people who caused the current debacle...

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    yes, he is a nazi - i've written actually quite a lot here in some of my questions about his "great" party. And i just asked a related question. Overall - let's wait 2 more days and see.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    well he is right because people bring with them their culture...look at the **** hole america with all the mexicans who stab and rape and drive drunk and kill innocent families...ohhh but were supposed to celebrate that type of diversity and be tolerant

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