How do I make book covers??

I see everyone who can make these beautiful book covers that fits specifically to their book. How do you guys do it? What do you use? And how do I get my book covers to fit wattpad? Please Help?

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    Find a suitable image, use photoshop and paste the title using a beautiful font.

  • 7 years ago

    Personally, this is pretty dangerous because of copyright laws but almost everyone does it, you just google up good images, it may take a while of searching through junk but eventually good ones do occasionally appear. Depending on what your book is about thats what you search for your cover, if your story is on mermaids/werewolfs you search mermaid or werewolf and find one you like, OR go the safe route and go to where you can search specifically for free usable uncopyrighted images that fit your book. Then edit it in a free online photo editor such as photobucket, sumopaint, or picmonkey where you crop it to the right size. Wattpad's covers have to be 256x400 so you would crop/cut/resize your image in the photo editor to 256x400 and then add your book title and stuff.

  • 7 years ago

    I would suggest using public domain images for your book covers. I don't think you can get sued for using something that's available to everyone for free.

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