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Move on??? Or wait for him??

Okay i am a sophomore in high school,me and my best guy friend have been friends since 8th grade. Since then i hav had a little crush on him and ive been noticing some signs over the years that he might like me too and yet is trying to get as many girls under (which he cant get by the way)but he has admitted it to me and he has a gf currently and he confessed to me and my girl bestie that he had cheated on his gf with 3 different girls (theyre still together)I felt stupid pining for this guy when he has showed me he cant be trusted. And he claims he loves her, which i don't believe and know is a lie who cheats on their gf if he loves her?Anyway I feel i shouldnt be trusting any guy especially if hes 15 and im 16. I feel that I should get over him and move on but a piece of me feels that I should wait for him even though he is very dumb and immature. If i should get over him should I tell him how ive been feeling and not have any contact for a while for the process?

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    He sounds like he's not worth it, so you should probably move on tbh

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