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Which book cover is better?

Someone else made these for me...actually, I made number 1, but which one is better?




This is for a current book on

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    I really like them both although the first one seams a lot clearer. They both are pretty different. One is really dark magic like and the other is pretty bright and angelic so it really should reflect your story. If I had to choose, the first one.

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    Yeah, it depends on what the book's about. I associate the first cover with political intrigue, magic, and general plot elements, but I associate the second with characters, emotion, mental monologue, etc. So overall, the first one makes me think of a plot-driven story, and the second makes me think of a character-driven story. So which one were you aiming for? Both are good depending on the story itself.

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    Well it depends if your book is going to be dark and mysterious I say the first one but if your lead is going to be elegant I say the second. Personally I love the first one. Please email me on how you make you book covers!!!!!!

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