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How to restore laptop as i have moved some itunes files please read though! Help! Thanks?

My music folder on my comuter had a big mismatch of files from downloading music (not from iTunes).

The folders I had were; iTunes media -

Inside this were;

Automatically Add to iTunes

- Another automatically Add to iTunes folder


Somehow I have moved these around while trying to have a clear up and my original files got deleted.

I had a lot of songs showing as 'cannot locate file' and then with some more moving around I managed to duplicate all my songs however all the songs are now playing on the iTunes folder but the duplicates work, the originals were showing as not found so I deleted them all.

As much as I can now use it, I was wondering if there is a way of restoring the windows files so that everything was there as it was from this morning and in turn iTunes would then be the same as this morning as the files would be back to how they were this morning.

I have tried a system restore but after doing so a message said It didn't affect the files so this doesn't work.

Many thanks


*** I have tried system restore but this DOESNT WORK as it won't restore the folders and files as they have just been moved around or merged but I am not sure what went wrong or what has been moved. **

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    1. Click on your windows button located on the bottom right corner of your screen.

    2. On the search bar type "System Restore".

    3. Follow instructions and look for a date in which you think your computer was fine. Maybe two days ago or a week.

    Itunes will always delete your music if you didn't buy it. I had this happen to me with my new iphone and I was pretty disappointed and rarely listen to any music now. I'm almost certain that your songs will delete again but I hope the steps help out.

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