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Why won't he talk to me like he used to?

I have this friend who I've known for ages. We were always very good friends and I always spent time with his family and spent the night on weekends. We eventually became an item but I had to move to a different state and we split. We didn't keep in touch just because it was too hard, but three years after we split, I found out that his father passed away and he was so close to his father that I got worried and texted him. He replied and since then, we've been in touch. He would write these e-mails and I would enjoy reading them. Because his father passed away, he had to take over most of the responsibility so he was asking me for advice.

The thing is, I am a great listener but am so not the brilliant type. I lack so much knowledge mostly because I just haven't had like hands-on experience. For example, in like real estate and etc. So he'll ask me advice as to what he can do to property and etc. but I wouldn't have any idea as to what to respond. So I end up feeling bad that I can't help him at all and blame myself for being stupid.

This guy has always been very kind to me. I visited him about a year ago and he let me stay over and he took very good care of me while I was there. As always, he treated me like a princess. I've been ill for the past few years and he's always been so kind.

I wrote to him after I visited and told him that I'm just of no help to him, etc. Since then, he'll still text me and we still keep in touch, but I noticed that he stopped writing long e-mails and he just stopped telling me about his life so much. I mean, he'll tell me that he's been busy working and etc. but it's very simply written. Instead, he'll ask about my life and what I've been up to. He's done this the past three times and I'm saddened by it. I ask about his life and stuff on my e-mails and texts to him but he just doesn't say anything.

Why is he acting like this all of a sudden? He e-mailed me about 4 days ago asking about my life again but nothing about him. I haven't written back.

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    Have you asked him? Sounds like the sort of thing you could just come right out and ask, and get the answer right from him without having to guess.

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