How can I avoid a confrontation with this coworker on a daily basis?

I'm basically a trainee in the Meat department of a very good company to work for. I'm planning on becoming a meat cutter within a year or two, then move on to assistant meat manager and meat manager, eventually. Given, that may take me about 5-7 years or so.

My responsibilities include anything but actually cutting meat in the department. Everything thing else I do. There is this seafood lady...she's like a seafood manager, basically. However, that department is separate and she's supposed to be managing her two employees there. I have my meat manager and assistant manager who are her boss and who are also my boss. She's like a low-level manager, but not in my department.

I happen to be of another "race" than all of my coworkers in that department. This store itself is quite "ghetto" wasn't necessarily my choice to go there. That's where they sent me because they had an opening. This seafood lady slanders me to other employees, saying that I "don't know where my products are" and claiming that I'm not working certain items of my inventory. I've had to help out in her department before and I've noticed that she doesn't even rotate her product, but will claim that I'm not doing it. I found a lot of stuff out of date in her case. I told my managers and they asked, "Were you surprised?"

Other employees have told me that they request a day off and she goes and puts in for it to apparently try to block them from having the certain day or week of vacation off. She's really spiteful for seemingly no reason.

Any advice? I'm trying to ignore her, but she comes starting stuff with me. I told my assistant meat manager and he said, "Don't you worry about her, she's not your boss"...but she's so irritating some days.


I should also note that she has been with the company for about 15 years, so she tries to throw her weight around a little. But she has told me that she doesn't want to train for my department because it's "too cold" back I don't know if she's envious or what. Before I got there, they weren't doing anything. My boss knows that I do a good job, but I'm trying to stay with the company and not leave because of one hateful lady who can't stand herself.

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    You're quite skilled. You can have any Job you want. So talk to your boss about it and if it doesn't work out look for another job while ignoring her. But I'd really advise getting another better job. Good luck. could be a place to look for it. Follow your passion.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Wherever you work there is a member of staff like this one.

    The managers appear to be familiar with her stupidity so she is not your problem

    As she works in a separate department and has no control over what you do you may safely ignore her silly games.

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