Does my teacher fancy me?

i'm 21 and my teacher at college does the following things towards me:

1. whenever i ask her for help she just looks straight into my eyes and never looks away or blinks

2. she has got really cheeky with me she has jokingly hit me with in the face with paper because i was joking around with her

3. she is always saying hi to me and smiling when she sees me

4. she is always generous when it comes actually hand it the work in meaning she'll mark my overdue mark straight way instead of letting me wait

5.she has asked me on occasions to answer questions without me offering to

6. and today she came into our class and there was a lot of empty seats and she chose to sit next to me and i accidently and i mean accidently hit her with my knee when she was sat next to me and i went to look at her to apologize and she had massive grin on her face and she was trying to cover it up whilst trying to avoid making eye contact with me whilst she had that grin.

I want to know because i like her back and it's legal since i'm at college and 21 anyway a lot of this has stopped in fact she has sometimes told me to shut up and told me off for no reason and she has said some of the stuff i said in class was stupid even though it made sense. But i'm not sure if that is my teacher trying take advantage of me somehow because flirting didn't work i don't know help me please i'm so confused.

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago

    Yes she does, and if you like her back then I would defiantly take advantage of that. Just go up to her when she is in class on her own and ask her or you could tell her how you feel about her and see how she reacts

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Ask her to go to a pub with you. Believe me she will go.

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