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My betta stressed???!!!!!?

My betta lives in a 4 gal. I recently moved him to a 1.7 gal with no decor or gravel to make his daily water changes for his fin rot earlier and because i planted some plants and the pet shop guy told me to wait 1 month before putting him back in. What should I do?! He has a white stripe down his side and his turquoise body turned purple. Pls help!

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    Fin Rot is caused by Poor water parameters and the tank he is living in now is the problem .

    you should put him back into the 4 gallon which i presume has a heater and filter and do daily water changes until you get 0 Ammonia 0 Nitrite and Nitrate under 20 .

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    You don't need to put a fish in a quarantine tank to treat it if it was the only fish in the tank. Sorry that some petstore employees don't evan have comman sense. Finrot is caused by poor water quality. the smaller a tank is, the poorer the water will be. You fish should be put back in the bigger tank ASAP! The water needs to be heated to a stable temp between 78 and 82 24=7. The tank needs a filter. tests for ammonia and nitrite should be zero, nitrate should be present but should be at 20 or under 20. Until you get readings lik I just said, you should do 20-35% water changes with a gravel vacuum 2-3 times a week. And add prime each time with the new water.

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    try adding aquarium salt (1 tablespoon per 5 gallons) to prevent any infection and strengthen the immune system. a 25% water change and temperature of 80 degrees will also help.

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