Swollen glands, severe sore throat and 7 weeks pregnant?

I need to know if I should leave work or wait it out. Friday night I started to get a sore throat but it only hurt on the left side. Saturday morning when I woke up the glands on my left side were swollen to tthe size of a golf ball and very tender and painful to the touch. When I swallow the left side of my throat is in excruciating pain, to the point where I cannot eat or drink. This morning the pain is worse and now there is pain in my jaw and ear.

I am 7 weeks pregnant . should I wait it out or see a doctor. Oh, eating hot or cold foods does nothing, neither does salt water or that green gargle stuff.

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    Honey, I would go right away and see your doctor and if your doctor is not available, then go to the hospital and get checked out, you have to be healthy for your baby, and if you are sick then your baby could be sick, do not wait it out, get it taken care of before it becomes more serious. You have tried to "tough if out" for as long as you can, now, it is time to get some serious help from your doctor so you and baby can get on the road to recovery.♥♥♥

    G♥♥d luck :-)


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