Why not a licence to have a child?

You need a marriage license to get married why not one to have a child? You should be able to show you can support a child with out assistance and the child will be brought up in a good environment. You don't need to be married for one but the signature needs to on there from mother and father. It should be about $20 for one (to cover the drug test), if you can't afford that then you can't afford a child and it can last for a year. If you are on food stamps or well fair already or you will need to be put on it once you have a child, then you do not qualify. It would be much cheaper for the government so supply birth control for women up to 25ish then it would for the government to pay to support the child. Do the implant and no one needs to worry about it for 3 years. If you decide you want a child then you can get it removed with no charge. If for some reason you cant take this then the government will provide with an alternative. It won't be mandatory but if you have a child with out a license then it will be a $1000 fine. I am sure your high school child was a blessing but wouldn't have been better after you graduated high school, or even college in a timely manner, or not need someone else to watch and raise your kids so you could go to school? What do you think?


I don't think people are reading all of this or don't understand.

1. It wouldn't be mandatory

2. How great would it be if you were a teen aged girl not needing to buy birth control and not have to worry about getting knocked up and not being able to finish high school?

3. I never said that you couldn't keep the baby if you didn't have the license

4. If you need the government to support yourself, then how can you support a child?

5. This will help ensure that every child has 2 parents for the beginning of their life and not as many dads running off on them

6. The government can spend $15,000 a year so support a mother who was not ready or $400 every 3 years to help that woman wait until the time is right. That's 110 people a year they could help for the cost of 1 person.

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  • R T
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    7 years ago
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    I get your point, however how would you enforce this? Two kids do it in the back seat and she becomes a teen mother. What are you going to do, write them a ticket?

    The government already spends too much time in the bedroom . . .

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  • Mutt
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    7 years ago

    Great idea ... If you live in China.

    You can't force a medical procedure on people. Even vaccination, parents are allowed to opt out of them for their children if they want. So forcing birth control on women will not be something the government will be allowed to do. Therefore, what do you propose to do with all the children that are born without licenses?

    *EDIT* - 1) If it's not mandatory, then why would people comply?

    2) How about teen age girls just use some restraint? That is a much better and more effective form of birth control than anything else that they use. No for of birth control is 100% effective except abstinence.

    3) If you keep the baby without a license, and you can't afford it, then the government will be providing help, just like they do today.

    4) I will agree with you on this one.

    5) How does this ensure a child has 2 parents? If there is no license required, no forced birth control, then unwed teen girls can still refuse (or forget) birth control, and get pregnant. They would then be a single mother. Or a man and woman meet in a bar and have a one-night stand, which the woman gets pregnant. She has no information on the father. How does that child get raised with 2 parents?

    6) Not really understanding this. Can you provide sources for your numbers?

    Most insurances cover birth control, even before Obamacare (which mandates that insurance covers it). That does not make it mandatory that it be used, though. It is still completely voluntary, and as you have stated, would still be voluntary under your plan. So I fail to see any improvement over what we have today since most already have access to birth control on their current insurance plan, and most women have opted not to purchase birth control.

  • 7 years ago

    How would you enforce this?

    If a woman gets pregnant without a license, do you force her to abort? You mention a fine, but if the parents are already poor, then how can they afford a fine? Do we just not provide support for them and the child? Let them starve and suffer, because they didn't obtain your permission?

    How would we quantify "Good parents". A rich upstanding couple might seem like "good parents" until you learn the mother drinks heavily and the father likes to touch the kids. At least they got a license though.

    What if the Woman and Man sign the license, but the woman cheats and gets pregnant by someone else? Do you fine him because he's not on the license? What about the Man, does he get a refund because the baby isn't his? What if the man cheats? He's already signed a license, so he's allowed to procreate. Do you only fine the woman he cheated with? She's pregnant and not on the license. What if a woman decided she didn't want to have a partner and raise a child by herself? Would you deny her a license? What about couples who get the license, then split up? Do you fine them for not staying together and raising the child as a couple?

    What about adoption? Would the parents who want to adopt also have to get a license, or could they simply buy the license from the birth parents? How about women who carry for other women as a surrogate? Would they both need a license, or only the surrogate? Would Sperm donors need a license as well, or are they off the hook because they aren't intending to be a parent?

    What about gay couples, or people who lead alternative lifestyles? Would they be forced to get a license as well? A lesbian couple who plan to be artificially inseminated would need a license?

    What happens if a person is denied a license for unfair reasons, like being a interraccial couple or being too young? What if a person gets a license then loses their job, do they lose the license, since financial support was one of you factors? What about men who sleep with a woman then disappear, never calling or seeing her again? How do you fine them? If a woman is raped and impregnated, does she get fined because she didn't have a license?

  • Dan H
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    7 years ago

    Who's going to determine what makes a good parent?

    How do you quantify what makes a good parent?

    How and who and what constitutes training for being a good parent?

    What happens to a child of a person who's license has been revoked?

    Who gets to revoke that license?

    Who pays for all of this?

    What about keeping the government out of our lives? This seems intrusive.

    If it's not mandatory, why bother?

    What about the religious right who say birth control is against God? and have their heads up their collective axxes about sex ed? Just don't do it. Yeah right. Teens listen to that.

    There is more, but what's the point.

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  • 7 years ago

    That sounds like a great idea, but you can't stop people from having kids because we were born to populated. We can't give the government that much right over us. I think a better law would be to limit each family to two kids. If each parent have two kids than they will benefit from all government help for those two kids. But if they break the law and decide to have a third child than it is their duty to provide for that child with no government assistance. They have to pay for everything medical, food, until that child is of age to care for him or her self. People like extra help especially now with the tipping economy. So they will think twice about having a second child.

  • 7 years ago

    A woman or couple, lots of married couples, trust me, have ZERO net income (41% of all food stamp households have ZERO net income - more allowable deductions than income - http://www.fns.usda.gov/ORA/menu/Published/SNAP/FI... have two children.

    No increase in income, and they have another child, and then another.

    Not just food stamps, but WIC or free schools lunches too.

    And more.

    How many, only a couple dozen on my caseload of about 500 families. Not many I supposes, times 20 for my county, in every county of eh United States. Wait, maybe on the national level that is a lot.

    ~ ~ ~


    No welfare benefits of any kind, including considered as household for "size of household" considerations, for any additional child for negative income households.

    Better - for any household.

    Not a chance of this happening, but it could work.

    No Republican or Democrat politician would support it - ask any of them.

  • 7 years ago

    this is a perfect Q, yes why we not get a license to make a babe? this will eliminate a lot of mongrel be born and Meany maladies like Latinos plus Meany illegitimate children’s excellent for the society we all live and not only this but we going to clean the society from being mixed marines

    Very good idea i hope i did not vaelat guidelines, i do not know

  • .....
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    7 years ago

    Why not have license for breathing? That you renew every single day.

    What a wonderful idea.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Not everyone wants to go on birth control. It doesnt agree with everyone. It can cause ibs, loss of libido, weight gain, vaginal dryness, mood swings! No one should be forced!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    how are you going to test whether someone is a good parent? also children are not the business of everyone else. its their kids. its not like anyone else would care to care enough to raise them if their parents pass away.

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