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Period hasn't come in 2 months?

I'm 14 and my period hasn't come in about 2 months.

This has happened before but not for this long.

My period is really irregular and I don't know when I'm due to have it

At first I thought it was fine and it was because ta reall irregular but I read what you're eating could effect it.

Well basically I eat one meal a day. I don't have breakfast and I don't eat in school, I eat when I get home.

Do you think the way I'm eating is effecting this or is it just irregular?

And if it is the eating, would it stop my period forever and what should I do to help bring it back?

Please don't tell me to go to the doctors because I hate it, I don't feel comfortable talking about me, and I don't want to talk to them about how much I eat ect...

And don't tell me to talk to my mum/gran/ auntie because I don't like talking about things like this and my mum will just say it's because I don't eat enough

Anyway, thank you:)


oh by they way, im about 4ft 8, I way about 5st 11.

I eat an average meal I guess

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  • 7 years ago

    Are you underweight? How much do you eat when you eat? You should at least eat breakfast. It's possible that you are undernourished

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