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My best friend is stealing my friends?

She is my best friend we've been best friend for 4 years and we can't stop hanging out.

But whenever she comes to my house sometimes she doesn't call and i would be ready to go to my friend's house they don't know each other when we were playing my best friend lets call her Jessie, Jessie was talking to my friend all the time until they ignored me so what happened she stole her but thank god my friend didn't like her. The other problem is that i moved my house so i found i new friend she is my neighbor we play and have fun until she came and started making herself funny and i don't know until my neighbor liked her and whenever she knocks on my door she asks where is Jessie? can she come? i miss her or these stuff she never asked can we play or something and my neighbor knows that she comes on weekends so she always comes on that time.When me and Jessie where in her house my neighbor had her other best friend she said i really like you Jessie , then her best friend looked at me then went so, when we where in my neighbor's house with her best friend i told her that we need to go eat dinner so she said does Jessie need to go and i told her yeah she should! then we went then my neighbor was like please does she need to go with her best friend, but Jessie said no i came to her house not yours i need to stay with her then we went...

but i know Jessie really well she doesn't know what she is doing but i really love her i know that all of you will say leave her or let her go but we're really close and we both know that... but it's getting out of control REALLY need help please?

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    Just dont bring her around your other friends if you feel that way but it kinda seems like you're jealous of the attention she gets from your friends.. why not just all be friends?

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    7 years ago

    so you're saying that your neighbor doesn't care anymore about playing with you?

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