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What is included in homesteading?

Is it just solar panels and gardening, or what?


I meant "doing the green thing", not whatever tootall was talking about.

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    Tootall 1 is right and didn't deserve a thumbs down.

    To OP, do you mean living more old fashioned, with nature, going green type thing?

    that can include using alternative energy, gardening, etc.

    there is a magazine called Mother Earth News(also has a killer web site) that is dedicated to living a more simple life and freeing your self a little from the rat race of the modern world.



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    Um dear, you seem to have strange ideas about what makes a homestead. Do you mean a legal homestead, where you take over "government" ground legally? Those homestead laws are still on the books, and you can do that. You have to meet certain requirements, none of them have anything to do with solar panels or gardening. Homestead is also a legal term in how real estate is set up legally, that's an entirely different thing, but still has nothing to do with solar panels or gardens.

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    Check on open hearth cooking too.

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