In what way does windows readyboost speed up my computer?

So im kinda wondering what it actually does, since "Speeding up" is a rather broad term. Does it help with loading times or something? If that's the case its like extra RAM right?

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  • Marduk
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    7 years ago
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    Yeah, maybe but I really doubt it. Here is the theory, you have a temporary Pagefile on your Hard Drive(HDD) and HDD's are slow, so if you put a flash drive in USB then that should be faster as Flash Nand is faster than HDDs but USB is slower than SATA. See how weirdly complicated this can get? I doubt in the "real world" you would see any boost. I'm sure if you were in a lab environment and benchmarking you might find a difference. I've never used it so you may want to find out about benchmarking and experiment to find out if it actually works.

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