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What is L4519 CAP?I need to fix my toshiba l505d and i read in a forum about L4519 CAP but i dont knowwhatisit?

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    What I usually find, is that L4519 has either broken loose or is completely missing. And the best reason I can figure, is that part of the touchpad components/plastics come into contact with L4519 and break it loose or knock it off the board. Of course it doesn't do it all by itself. It takes an outside downward force/pressure applied to the palmrest to cause this problem.

    Locate the 5 leds located on topside, edge of the board (hdd, power, charge lights). From the center led, look directly up approximately one inch. You will find the white numerics identifying the component at L4519. It may look ok, but under a magnifying glass you might find cracked solder. Or your component may be completely gone. Noticeable by the solder pads, you can tell something used to be there. What goes there you ask?? The same thing just above it, at L4520.

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