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Emergency!!!Maths questions?

Just in the break of a Maths competition.It will start in 30 minutes!!! me to do the following questions:

1.Tom has five of each of these coins:$5,$2,50cents,20cents,10cents.To make $9.60,what is the maximum number of coins he can use?

2.The Happy Shopping Mall provides customers 2 hours free parking and then charges $15 for each additional hour or part thereof.Mr Cheng parked his car there from 11:25 a.m. to 2:40 p.m..How much should he pay?

3.In Glory School, there are M pupils in the morning session and N pupils in the afternoon seesion. 3/5 of the whole schools are girls. Write the expression to find the number of girls in the school.

4.Order:A-B-Mr Wong-C-D-E

6 people are standing side by side facing you in the diagram.John is left of Mr Wong but right of Mr Lee.Peter is left of Mr Lee.Which position is Peter in?

5.Mr Wong bought a television set for $1000 and sold it to Mr Lee making a profit of 10%.Mr Lee then sold it to Mr Ng for $990.Mr Lee:

A.made no profit or loss B.earned $100 C.earned $110 D.lost $100 E.lost $110

6.Which of the following is the greatest in value?

A. 0.4 B.4/0.4 C.0.4/0.004 D.(0.4)SQUARE(2) E.4%

7.In a bag,there are 3 white balls and 3 red balls.How many balls should be drawn at least from the bag ensure that there are 1 white ball and 1 red ball?

8.X is 23 m east of Y.Y is 46 m west of Z.How far and in what direction of X is Z?

9.The average of five numbers is 80.Two of them are 70 and 60.What is the average of the other three?

Please..Begging...I know I am a stupid pig.But...crying...please someone can answer all my questions with explanation.Or I will fail in the competition and beaten by my brother.It will start in twenty minutes...Please...crying


Just a competition which is held by my 'clever' and cruel brother

Update 2:

Please...desperate...He is allowing me to search information in the Internet right now.Please reply me or I will become a poop.

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    3(M +N)/5

    Mis-stated problem





    You are of course cheating in the competition. You could have answered most of these in the time it took to enter them in YA

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    minimum number of coins is 5 coins. I see you trying to cheat in math competition which is no good.

    besides, we do one at a time here.

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