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I'm 17, he's 24. Advice please!?

So here's the back story:

I go into target all the time and he works there. I knew he looked familiar and turns out we went to the same school at one point. I found this out after seeing him numerous times and finally having the courage to speak to him lol... Prior to this, I'd come in the store (for the past 4 months) and I'd at times see him and just think "wow he is gorgeous" lol and he'd look at me but we wouldn't say anything. I graduate this school year and he graduated in 2009, but he told me he is in college so I assumed he was 22. After getting his name and us adding each other on Facebook a week ago, we started messaging and I realized that I really like him...

Btw I've never been in a relationship or even had my first kiss and he told me that he hasn't either. And turns out we both want to wait until marriage to have sex (religious reasons), which he volunteered to me on his own prior to me telling him that info or my age.

Long story short, I have really fallen for this guy. I am really good at seeing if a guy is BSing (I haven't been in a relationship ever for a reason), and this guy doesn't seem to be at all. He's so honest and open with me and I am with him too. It's not only attraction when it comes to him... He's the full package and I'm still in shock lol It's the little things like he hasn't once been perverted or inappropriate, us both loving the same music, both having the same standards and morals, both sharing the fact that we have rocky relationships with our fathers (which is a touchy subject that we were both surprised we felt so comfortable sharing with each other), both of us having the same fears, similar goals and aspirations, and same religious beliefs. And also the fact that we make each other laugh.

We've made little comments to each other that show that we are interested, but I didn't come out with my feelings for him until yesterday. It got to a point where I was wondering why he hadn't asked to hang out or ask me on a date because I was getting the vibe that he was really interested. I thought it was maybe he was insecure since he opened up to me about him having weight issues growing up and being bullied for it (he recently lost the weight and looks AMAZING lol), so I assumed that was a reason why he has never dated (and he's said he hasn't because he hasn't found a girl with the same morals and standards as him), or maybe because he was taking things slow or concerned about our ages which we didn't have a conversation about until tonight... We will ask each other questions to get to know each other and he finally came out and asked how old I was. Again, we've been talking for a week and have opened up to each other on many levels. So I told him and after waiting for 20 minutes, he responded saying he's 24 and wanted to know if that made me uncomfortable because he didn't know if the age difference would bother me. I spoke to my mom who's like my best friend and already knows about it and of course wasn't too hot on the idea. But I responded saying I didn't but that we would have to take our families into consideration and that prior to getting to make him, I truly thought I would never meet a guy like him. He expressed the same feelings and said that I'm truly a special girl and wants to get to know me but would only if he wasn't being disrespectful to my mother and I. He said he admires my maturity and wouldn't typically want to further any interest with someone who is 17 but that he thinks I'm rare and has never met a girl like me before. We both agreed that we're glad we had the conversation now rather than in the beginning because we got to know each other first. We plan on hanging out soon (nowwww he asks haha)

But my question is what is the right way to go about this situation? It's pretty interesting because my mom was my age when she met my dad who is 24 years older and his dad is 17 years older than his mom lol and we live in a state where I'm looked at as an adult but only need parental consent, which I think my mom would give since she trusts my judgment but she said she needs to meet him first before making any decisions. I've never felt this way about anyone before and I miss him so much when we don't speak. I'd love some advice. Sorry for the long explanation :)

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    It doesn't hurt to try. Give it a shot. Never know how things could go . Good luck

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    7 years ago

    Do what your heart tells you.

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