Guys, help please..??

Okay there is guy, for some reason who has a red face during the entire time that I had with him. Maybe he could be blushing? He was invading my personal space and all. But I know that he already lost interest in me due to a long story. We maintain eye contact like see you , look somewhere else. Before he had to go, he was only like 2-4 inches away from my face. He was staring at my face. I did not dare to look at his face then he slowly move back to his original posture. He kept touching his body and stuff. I don't know. Is he uncomfortable in any way? Guys please help!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Sound like he is attractive to you and its not that he's not uncomfortable with you but maybe he doesn't know how to approach you and he's nervous? Next time try and make a little conversation with him

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