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Share your experience: the way you have shaken off your fear and become successful?

Hello guys, I'm 18 and a book attached person. I used to cut good figure when I was in school but now when I'm in high school, cutting a really poor figure. The only thing I think I can do is nothing but studying. But, now because of my poor marks I'm feeling so pathetic that I'm unable to describe that.

I know that many of you have passed hard times at anytime of your life. Please, let me know, how you have saken off your fear to face the truth and how you have become successful. I can assure you, it will help a lots of people like me. Thanks.

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  • Angele
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    7 years ago

    I was trying to know what is fear and I didn't get yet the answer. But people around me say that I'm a successful person in life...

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