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need help from a girl :)?

Ok,there is that girl we are both 17 and it was love at first sight (atleast for me)

we met about 20 days before and spent 7 days in our school trip together.

She had helped me in the trip in many ways and after the trip i said i would like to thank you for everything maybe we can go for a coffee or lunch together.She said yes.I gave her my number and said call me so we can set a date.three days later she said she is busy right now(maybe because of christmas) but that she would still call me.Now 6 days have passed and i havent heard anything from her.Through facebook i learned that she had a bf until summer,then this guy left to go to university far away but through some statuses/quotes that she posted that she still misses him(she posted something like always tell someone how much you like him because one day you wont be able to),and he liked every post of her and such.I had asked her for the coffee/lunch through facebook(which means she could easily have said no without seeing me anymore,we go to same school but different classes)

Her facebook status is single,but i think maybe they have a long distance relationship and we shouldnt go out but why then did she say yes??

In the trip she showed sometimes signs that she is into me but sometimes i felt lonely....

Please help me i cant sleep,i cant eat i try not to think of her and then she shows up in my 4 times...

My question:Will she call me ?

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  • 7 years ago

    Sounds like you're in a bad place. You like her but aren't sure if she likes you back. Well, she just got out of a relationship with this guy in uni, right? It's normal for them to miss each other, especially if they still love each other a lot.

    If she's showing signs that she's into you that's not fair. Why don't YOU call HER and ask her for a coffee, or even if she just wants a chat. Even if she wants to rant about how much she misses her ex or whatever, just be there for her, because she'll soon realize you're a really nice guy.

    Best of luck x

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I'm sure she will at some point. But like most people (not just girls), they like to feel needed and more that someone finds them attractive. I personally find it mean, but it does happen.

  • 7 years ago

    idk she might just think of you as a friend.. tbh you just have to wait, if she calls you she calls you, if she doesnt, she doenst, you cant do anything at this point, sorry :(

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