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Can anyone get unemployment benefits?

ok so i was just wondering if anyone can get unemployment benefits. i know that only certain people can get medicaid like a single mother or an old person but i wanted to know if it was the same thing with unemployment. im an 18 year old healthy male so would i qualify to get unemployment or would they be like omg no u cant get it?

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    The rules of unemployment vary from state to state as it is a state, not a federal, program. But in most states you have to have worked a job for a certain number of weeks (usually 26 weeks), Then you have to be laid off from that job, Not fired and not quite. Then you qualify for several weeks of employment that will be a percentage of what you hired at that last job.

    It does NOT go to people who have not been working recently, or have never had a job. And it only last for a short time (usually 3 to 6 months) as a temporary aid to help you live while you are looking for a new job. Many states require you to register with them for aid in finding a job. They may also require that you demonstrate the you are actively looking for work (you have to put in 5 or more applications every week, etc.) and if they find you a job (even if it is flipping burger for minimum wage at McD) you have to take the job or you lose your benefits.

    So unless you have been working for the last six months and have been laid off, you do not qualify for benefits (in most states.)

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    You would need to apply to see if you are eligible. But you would need to have worked a certain amount of time to be eligible; unemployment is an insurance benefit that you pay for out of you paychecks. If you are eligible, your benefits will be about half your average paycheck --- and you will be expected to pay taxes on whatever benefits you a given. Additionally, you would be expected to meet a requirement job interviews and/or job preparation/education (which you may be eligible for help with ... but you would need to ask about that). But even if you aren't eligible for Unemployment Insurance, you may be eligible for other assistance, including education/job training to help you find a job. Try going to your local state job placement office and see what advise and help they can give you. You may also try reviewing their website before you go (in the United States, it will end with ".gov" ---- be careful there are many scammers out there (i've hit a few of them myself in trying to find a job). They also have tests that will help you to know which jobs would you would fit your skills, interests, and abilities best. Try starting with "" --- i believe that website covers the entire United States so you could even review any job openings in other areas of the country you might be interested in moving to.

    I hope this helps you a little bit; I'm almost 64 and have had my share of job-seeking experience ... and this should get you headed in the right direction.

    Good luck; i will be praying for you.


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    You would have had to work and pay in to the system to drawn any money out. Hopefully you have better plans for your life than drawing unemployment. No much of a goal.

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    You have to have been employed and been laid off to get unemployment benefits. You don't get unemployment if 1) you weren't employed previously and 2) if you quit your job.

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    7 years ago

    Absolutely, if you've made at least a million dollars this year.

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    7 years ago

    dont be a drain on the tax payer get a job

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Well, for a start you'd have to be unemployed.

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