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How can his feelings change so quickly?

Me and this guy were friends for a while and then he made moves on me and started liking me. Initially I wasn't interested and then that changed. He told me he loved me and I told him the same. He went to visit his family in Canada and certain family members did not approve our relationship because they were trying to set him up with someone else. We tried convincing them a lot, but it was all wasted effort. Eventually, he decided he did not want to be with anyone anymore, because the situation was getting to complicated and he didn't want to go against his family by dating me and he didn't want to date the other girl. We barely talk now and pretty much two days later I told him I missed him and he said he was fine. Its like his feelings for me changed within 48 hours. Is it even possible to forget someone so quickly? We hardly talk and even if we do I initiate the conversation and its very distant. I don't know what's going on in his mind? I fell in love with him but now I feel it was all a charade for him.

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    Sorry to say, but i dont think that he will change.. his family is on the first place for him and probably in the end he will marry this girl..

    I think that you should foret him because one thing would be that his parents dont like you, but as you may see, his parents influences him a lot so the one who will suffer is you.

    Also, I dont think that his feelings changed, he still likes you but as I said before, his family is more importan so he chosed them.

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    some boys mistake love with infatuation... that's it. he can move on now its your turn to..

    though I m boy but I love reallly and cant even think of leave her the one I will love...

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