I need help with a Wiccan initiation ritual?

I have a friend who wants to become a Wiccan. She says she wants to be initiated, and she wants me to help her with the ritual. The problem is, I don't know any good initiation rituals for two people.

My own initiation ritual was completely improvised. I was 13 at the time and barely had any idea of what I was doing.

I'm not in a coven, nor am I a High Priestess, but I really want to help out my friend here. Has anyone been in a situation like this? Please help. I feel a bit lost.

Blessed Be )O(


After reading Kristin's answer, I realize that I should've written "dedicate" and not "initiate". Sorry guys. I hope there are no misunderstandings.

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    Self-Dedication is much like an initiation, but in my eyes, better. Most people who self-dedicate seem to have it come from their hearts as they generally write their own rituals and do it in solitude or in their circle rather than being initiated by a cookie cutter coven leader's ritual that was passed down to them. At least, this is how my tradition is run. A good book for your friend to read is Wicca: A guide to the solitary practitioner. by Scott Cunningham. He has a lot of good basics and encourages people to write their own everything. From Self-dedication to Sabbat rituals.

    Blessed be, my friend :D

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    Initiation is something done by a group welcoming a new member into it. Baptism is an initiation, for example, and no one baptizes themselves.

    If she wishes to do a dedication ceremony, that is a ritual between her and her gods. The importance is the substance, not the gestures. Simply instructing her to go through certain motions in contrary to the entire point.

    If she isn't sure how to approach this, she should really consider whether she's ready to fully embrace a new religion. Conversion is serious business. There's no shame in taking the time to be educated and sincere in your interest.

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    Hon, you can't initiate yourself. Initiation by definition has to be done by an initiate who was initiated by an initiate. You can self-dedicate, and if I'm guessing correctly, that's closer to the definition of what you're asking for anyway. But initiation is ONLY done by a High Priest or a High Priestess. Period. If people call themselves initiated when they have simply done a ritual on their own, it's not an initiation, regardless. It's kind of like calling yourself a grilled cheese sandwich. You can do it, but it's not factual.

    O.K., now on to how to self-dedicate. Please check out a blog post I wrote on this subject (it's a how-to, and that's what you're after, right?). There's a bit of fluff at the beginning of the article but then there is a list of questions to ask yourself about being ready for self-dedication and then a list of components for a self-dedication ritual.


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