My boyfriend compliments other girls?

Im really the jealous type..this is my first relationship and is also for my bf, he compliments my friends, cousins, and says which celeb he finds hot, well the celeb thing is normal we all have celeb crushes but my friends and cousins? And his friends? And co workers? He says he will always be faithful to me and has sworn. But i still dont know if its right for him to compliment every girl like that, it doesnt make me feel special, its like im not his gf just a part of a list of girls he finds pretty, is it ok for him to do that? Do your bfs or gfs do it too?

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    What kind of compliments? Like saying she is beautiful, pretty, sexy? All those are inappropriate. I am also the jealous type, but I know when to say something and not to say something. If he is friend's with girls, that is OK. But if he is flirting that is a different story. I know some guys tend to get along with girl's more naturally, kind of like the gay best friend. If that is the case, it is still wrong because other girls can take it as flirting and get the wrong idea. Also there is no need for him to be saying those things. We don't need your boyfriend giving a wrong impression of himself to other girls. Guys tend to think girls are these nice innocent creatures when they are actually evil lol. Simply talk to him. If he says thing's like "pretty" then that's forgivable. But if he's say things like your so beautiful and sexy, that's not so forgivable. I don't know your boyfriend or in the manner he say those things. It all depends on the context and what he says. But nonetheless, no matter what it is, it isn't right and he needs to stop. Tell him simply that it hurts you and that other girls will get the wrong idea. Try not to criticize him because he will get defensive (past experience).

    Source(s): 3 years of dating my pain in the ass boyfriend.
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    Complimenting Your Boyfriend

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    I'm in my mid late twenties now (which is an awesome age to be...sooo much fun haha!) and I've had a lot of boyfriends and dated a lot and have tons of guy friends. Some of them are the type who naturally get along with women and they will give compliments to other chicks, no matter who it is, but not flirty or inappropriate. They say things like oh you look great today or your hair is nice or you're so sweet or things like that which are totally normal and totally polite and nice things to say. I think it's totally healthy and as long as he gives you compliments then everything's okay. You should just tell him that you would like to hear those things more often but said sweetly you know, not angry or with an attitude. With a genuine smile on your face! I promise if you do that a couple times hell be so happyvto do it because you'll be happier!Tell him you want to feel special you are special and if that just means one more compliments saying you're beautiful that day goes a long way .

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    Well, it depends on what he's really doing. Is he just telling those girls that they look good that particular day, or is he constantly flirting with them and talking to you about how hot they are? I mean, everybody will say now and then "wow, that person was pretty" but as long as it doesn't happen every single day then I wouldn't care.

    Talk to him and explain to him your concerns and listen to his reasons for doing what he does.

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