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If God is just then why does he allow me to get hurt?

My heart has been broken so many times. I've begged God to help heal my heart but nothing. If God loves me why doesn't help me.

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  • Alan
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    7 years ago
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    You need professional help like counseling, not God.

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    A christian may say that they are not being answered when they pray for something. I do not believe in god so for me it is easy. I make my own way and cast my own destiny. Think about it though. If person A prays for X but in say if granting A their X, B looses out then does A or B have a greater right to X? My point is that prayer is often selfish and the "selfless prayers" are probably accounted for by the feelgood factor of helping someone else. There is another problem too:

    The traditional Abrahamic god is meant to be everywhere at once, all powerful and present all knowing (Omnipresent (X), omnipotent (Y) and omniscient(Z)) but there is an issue with the compatibility of these three functions and the coexistence of love. If god is X then it follows that god is inside the trees, the surgeon and the criminal; if god is Y then god is able to do anything because, being all powerful allows for that; finally, if god is is Z then it follows that everything is known to such a being. Now for the BIG problem. If god knows that someone is hurting, and Z means sh/e does, then your hurt is either irrelevant to god or it remains in your life for some other reason. Please do not go down the road of "it is there to test your faith" thing because that is such an ultimate sidelining of the real issue. So, if god knows you are hurting and the hurt stays around, and if god is all powerful, then the hurt could be taken away in an instant. If it is not then.....well? The picture is clearing.

    If god is Z,Y and X then it necessarily follows that whatever god is god is with you in the hurt so this means that they are hurting with you, or so the story goes. In a nutshell though, what is so special about a god who knows everything about the world, has ultimate power to change the bad things and is all over the place at once, but nothing changes for the better?

    Now to the thorny issue of gods love. Even if god were X, Y and Z how could such a god be all loving as well if they do not stop the pain in the world. If god is all loving then it is impossible for the same god to be all powerful and all knowing. The evidence is that the would is going too wrong and nothing is stopping it.

    I think the sad truth is that there is no god; no beneficent being ready to sweep us into the bosom of heaven or anything like it. We come into this world alone by virtue of the human need to procreate and we go out of it alone and nothing survives death.

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  • 7 years ago

    First you need to stop blaming God and find out why you are living in this sometimes scary and dangerous place. If you want to understand why God placed you here then you need to put the hard work in and start learning about who God really is. Ignore the ridiculers this is your life not theirs, just go on a journey of discovery and allow your spiritual side to lead you.

    Maybe start here:

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    It's not because he wants to punish you. God DOES NOT punish no matter what certain religions (man-made) may say.

    What brings pain and heartache into your life is YOUR OWN GUILT AND FEAR, your hidden belief system which lies in your subconscious mind and creates/shapes your reality. The circumstances of your life are a mere PROJECTION of your emotions and deeper beliefs of which you may not be aware.

    For example, a part of you-the conscious one-definitely does not want to be unhappy BUT at the same time another part of your psyche which is more powerful-the subconscious- may hold the negative belief that ''You Don't Deserve to be happy". If you hold that belief, it will be mirrored in the situations you face in your everyday life and you'll keep finding yourself in unhappy environments.

    That's how reality works.

    God has nothing to do with it.

    We create our misfortunes, even our diseases and deadly accidents. It all comes from our mind.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Let us assume that God exists and that you believe he does. Your question is similar to another one: Why did God create us and put us in this world? If he knows that we will suffer and blah blah..?

    This is a highly debatable issue. My opinion on this is: If God exists, and he created us in here, the purpose would be to learn from this experience that is life. If we were simply created and placed in heaven, then where would our humanity be? We gain knowledge by learning from our mistakes, and understand the true meaning of love, right here on Earth, and that's because of the struggle we live by. If God exists, he placed us on Earth to live by our lives and learn from our mistakes through the struggle we live, thus achieving maturity and conscientiousness. If your heart never got "Broken", then how would you learn how to love, and if you never go mistaken or get into trouble, then what are you living for?

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Because the real god is the universe and existence itself, not a supernatural being like santa clause who is just sitting and watching us to see if we are naughty or nice, he is some type of power that makes the universe function, and if you pray and it comes true its not because he decided to help you, but either mere coincidence, or some power got you there.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    God will help you right now.

    If you have depression, there is a secret prayer that you do to remove that.

    It works in ten minutes.

    Here it is.

  • aeiou2
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    7 years ago

    Because God is not your father. God is you. As much as society or other people influence your life, you are the one with most control.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    God works in mysterious ways?

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  • 7 years ago

    If your heart was broken, you would be dead by now, ya know? You wouldn't even be alive to ask this question.

    Just saying.

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