If you live in the same small community as your ex (not able to move at this point) how do you ignore he exist?

We are both remarried and due to circumstances we are not able to move at this point. He is constantly asking people that we know questions about what we are doing and being nosey. I just want to pretend he doesn't exist. How do we live in the same small community and I not let him irritate me by acting stupid ?

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  • BAM
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    7 years ago
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    Pretending somebody doesn't exist, doing 'no contact'....these are all childish, immature little games.

    At one point, you both meant something very special to each other. You spent holidays together and chased dreams together. You were physically and emotionally intimate to a degree that you haven't been with 99.9999999999999999% of the population. Something obviously went very wrong in your relationship and maybe it was his fault. I will always have love for and care for my ex wife. I don't like the person she has become or how she tore our family apart. She hurt me and our kids very badly. However, I like to check in and see how she's doing from time to time because I took a vow to look out for her the rest of my life.

    Learn to coexist in the same community. Acknowledge to yourself that you had good times with your ex at one point. Get rid of your hatred. It will eat you alive.

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    If you've been apart long enough that you've both remarried, why does his existence even irritate you? My ex irritated the feck out of me with similar behaviour, until I found my self deeply in love with my current partner. I suddenly noticed that I barely paid any attention to my ex's shenanigans any more. He has since met a lovely lady, and he no longer seems to have any interest in me or my movements, which is great. We've been apart for less than a year, so how you can still be bugged by your ex's existence after being apart for long enough to both be remarried, I'm really not sure. My ex is inconsequential in my current life, and I think that's how it should be?

  • 7 years ago

    Try to keep private information private so other people don't spread stuff about you. So what goes on in the household stays between you and your partner, don't tell friends or family about your private business.

    Do not hang around the same spots as your ex, do not go around the same locations that you and your ex went to

    Get out of the small community with your new husband, save a monthly get away by spending a night in the city.

    Do not hang around the people that know your ex, if family mentions your ex, ask I private if they would be okay with not ever talking about him again as it brings up bad memories. Ask family/friends to try to change the subject if he where to ask a question about you.

    move out of the small community to a community close by or some where out side of the community for a temporary place till you can afford to move.

  • woo
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    7 years ago

    He is gonna irritate you at different scales no matter what you do - so be ready for it.

    The best weapon you can use against him - is your zero attention to him. Even if he decides to put a petard up his bum - you should be the one ignoring.

    Don't reveal your true emotions in public, just try to distract yourself with anything else you can. Find a time consuming hobby, better if it sports and there you go.

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  • Raja
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    7 years ago

    Only thing you can do is just snub him .If he has any self respect he will not continue to harass you . If he is trying to get information from people known to you tell one of them very well known to you that he has become a pain in the neck and to stop behaving in that manner.

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    How small is your community anyway? Can't you just forget he exists and ignore whatever

    he says?

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