What happens to your stuff when you get evicted and leave your stuff behind and are unable to pay the rent?

You have no money for a rental storage and dont know what happens to your stuff when you leave them behind.

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    Most states require the landlords to store persona property of their former tenants for a certain period of time. This period of time vary from state to state, however the time frame could be 30-90 days.

    If the landlord have sufficient space he might store your personal items. He could charge you a storage fee.

    If a landlord does not have sufficient storage space, he might place your persona items in a storage facility. Once your personal items are in a storage facility, your former landlord would send you the storage location as well as the cost of the storage, to your last known address. This would probably be to your former address. If you have provided the post office a forwarding address, you would receive the


    Based in your statement it might be that you got a notice to quit or pay rent. This notice would have been issued by your landlord. In most states this notice would give 3-10 days to pay the rent or leave your rental unit. Since you moved based on the notice, given by your landlord, you were not evicted.

    Had you been evicted a local law enforcement agency would have came to your rental unit and would have had you place your personal items outside the rental unit.

    If there are personal items yo would want, you should make arrangements with your landlord to come by and pick what you want, and inform the landlord, you have no facility to place the remaining items in and he should dispose of them as he see fit. You might be required to sign a statement to that effect.

    Your former landlord in not legally able to prevent you from taking as many of your items as you want and legally can not hold your personal items because you are behind in your rent or perhaps you left damage to the rental unit.

    If there is unpaid rent or damage to your rental unit, that exceed your deposit, your landlord would be required to sue you in small claims court for these financial losses. Some landlords might chose to deduct these unpaid rents and damages o their federal income tax as the time spent in court and the possibility of not being able to collect, make this a better financial choice.

    I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.

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    when you're evicted you have 3 days to get your stuff and leave. If you don't then you're escourted out by the police/sheriff. at that time you should have removed your stuff and asked for a friend or relative hold it for a short while for you, signed a contract with them as to what they could do with it, and taken your important papers (and anything you valued, or of value) with you, maybe kept in your car.

    The landlord, once your gone, and since they have to re-rent and aren't getting any money from you, can rent a storage unit and put your stuff in there and send you a notice certified mail return receipt to your last known address (or address you gave them) and tell you where your stuff is and that they have paid the rent on it for 30 days so you have 30 days to get it (and then they will sue you for what they paid for the storage). The plan is that if you don't get your stuff the storage people have the right to trash it or auction it off, just get rid of it. Some landlords though go illegal and dump your stuff immediately and illegally knowing you'd never be back.

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    You better find a friend or relative who will take your things...or several friends..because you only have a certain number of days after you vacate, often 15 days, to come and get your stuff, or the landlord has the right to keep it and sell it, or to just throw it away. If you want your things you better make arrangements with the landlord to go get them soon. Otherwise you can say goodbye to your things. THey will either be thrown out or the landlord will invite his friends over and everyone will take what they want from your stuff.

    There is no free storage for people without any money to pay for anything -- your landlord is not obligated to provide free storage for people who can't pay rent.

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    State Laws Vary

    In MA, the tenant has a limited time (about 3 months) to pay the rent in arrears, the moving costs and the storage fees. Failure to do this results in default and the storage facility then auctions off the contents. The proceeds are used to pay for the storage, moving and finally the landlord. Usually it doesn't even cover the storage costs.

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    That depends on your state's laws.

    If you are in FL, the LL puts your belongings on the curb when you are escorted off the property. At that point, he is not liable for what happens to them. Other states require the LL to store your belongings for a certain amount of time; you have to pay the storage fees to get them back.

    Source(s): FL landlord
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    Where I live, the sheriff puts them put on the curb. Your wonderful neighbors pick through your stuff and take it. I really hate to see that. Try to get a friend or someone in your family to get a storage unit or at least put your more important items in someones basement.

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    Typically it is abandoned and at the discretion of the landlord however in some states as mentioned above they must be stored in a unit and auctioned off it not claimed

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    After a certain amount of time it is considered abandoned and the landlord can throw it away.

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    In N.H. if you are evicted have a place to go what if I am not all packed by the date

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    depends on the state, but i think they keep your stuff about 1 year; in case you come back and pay the rent; after that there is an auction and they sell it...check your rent-contract..

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