how good do you have to be to be considered a "good person"?

The thing is, I always like to see myself as a good person but I have been thinking that I may not be that good after all. I dont believe in god. I wish I did but I dont. I don't mind throwing a piece of bread or something out just because I am aware that it doesnt make any difference.. no one would eat it anyway..I am aware that some people die of hunger, and I feel bad when I think about it, but I still dont think that the fact that I throw food away sometimes makes any difference.

I also shoplift sometimes, stupid stuff such as jewerly and sometimes clothes lol

I am 17 years old,

apart from that I think I am a good person, I am good to my family and for those I like, If I am eating something and a homeless asks me for food or money I will offer my food.


I am not mean to people I dont like obviously. I help whenever I have the opportunity. But as I said, I dont mind shoplifting or throwing food away, because I am aware that I am not making anyone any poorer .

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  • 7 years ago
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    YOU (singular) have to be BETTER than everybody else (plural)

    I notice that you say you're good to those you like - these people don't count. It's those you don't like who matter most.

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    7 years ago

    you sounds like a good person, but you're not perfect which is okay because no one is perfect. Please don't feel bad about throwing away food people so it everyday - plus it's not like you could give that food to a hungry person right at that moment nor do i suggest forcing yourself t eat food when you are full. If you don't believe in god that is your choice long as you live to be the best you that you can be that is all that matters. the only thing i would suggest is to please stop shoplifting and I don't mean that from a moral thing as it is wrong to steal from stores because stores steal from us everyday with their over priced stuff but if you get caught you could go to jail.

  • 7 years ago

    My suggestion is to put yourself into others' (plural) shoes.

    TRY going without any food, water, nor any place to sleep for two days time (straight.) Consider how you would survive in such conditions and be thankful that you do have such amenities available.

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