Advice needed please! Pregnant?!?

The last time I had sex was on the 28th June, and my period was from the 22nd-27th. We used protection and I'm pretty sure it was fine. My average cycle is around 33 days but I didn't get a period all of July, it came the 1st-5th Aug, making it a 40 day cycle and a week late. The period was at normal length but was a bit lighter than usual. I was obviously paranoid back then and did around 7 urine pregnancy tests, all of which were negative. I also got a blood test done around the 20th August, will that have been accurate at that stage btw?? I then got my period on the 28th August and obviously tht was like my Sept period. I then got it October and November, but November was medium flow but lighter than what I expect. I was obviously expecting my December period, for it to be 2 weeks late and my cycle length was at 44 days. This caused concern due to the late period in July. A week before my December period came, I went to see the doctor and he said I wasn't pregnant as I'd be showing and have symptoms and movement etc and felt my stomach and said it was fine without doing a test. So I bought two home tests which came back negative. My period was again, normal length but lighter than usual so this freaked me out and I got another two tests which were negative, one of them I did yesterday. However, I have panicked as I've been looking online and read many stories in which women didn't know they were pregnant until 7/8 months or even until they went in to labour as they ha negative tests and bleeds throughout which I guess mimic periods. I'm just freaking out and keep thinking my tummy is hard and round and, lower back ache my breasts hurt when deep down, I guess I kind of know they're not but when you panic you look for more symptoms. So I was wondering is it actually likely I am pregnant or have I just worried myself?! I'm 21, NOT ttc as I am in my final year at university.

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  • 7 years ago

    Oh no. You're spamming THIS forum as well as Pregnancy, now? This is "trying" to conceive, so, if you're here, it means you want a baby.

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