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what is the best yugioh deck to buy and why?Or what items/cards are good to buy?

What are good decks or cards and why?what should i buy these are just some of the ones i am researching!!please say any booster boxes/tins/packs you know which are great and not too expensive



-Yugi starter Deck (YSD)

-Dark Empereror (SDDE)

-Rise of the dragon lord

-Warriors Strike (SDWS)

-Zombie World (SDZW)

-Lost Sanctuary

-5Ds starter deck

-5Ds starter deck 2009

-Dragons Collide

-Dawn of xyz

-Xyz Sympathony

-Gates of the under world

-Dragunity Legion

Samurai Warlords

-Machina Mayhem

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    Dragons Collide is great. 3 copies of that can get you a nice budget chaos deck. Take 3 copies of the best cards and leave out the cards you don't need. The deck focuses around banishing cards from the graveyard to special summon. The only cards you might need to get seperately are black luster soldier- envoy of the beginning, gorz, tragoedia and card trooper. In the next ban list ( you also have 2 Chaos Sorceror as well. Of course you can always try the decks on first to see if u like them or not.

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