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I'm very scared of having a urinary tract infection?

I think I have one, but I might not. My symptoms include burning while urinating and needing to pee frequently. The burning started after my boyfriend fingered me two days ago and I found it virtually impossible to pee, it's gotten better now. My vagina was also very irritated and red, it's pretty itchy now. Also I feel a bit bloated... I heard that drinking cranberry juice can help with a uti but I just don't know!! Please help me I don't know what to do!! And I can't tell my parents or see a doctor!!

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    go to the pharmacy and get citrus soda it will ease the burning feeling, if the problem goes on for more than a week go see the doctor before it spreads

    also as hard as it may be you have to try and empty your bladder everytime you go to the bathroom also stock up on water alot and only water, no coke or pepsi ect

    The infection stays in your urine thus if you can not empty your bladder it will not clear up

    The water will help produse new urine so that you can empty it again aswell as thin out the virus by dilating it with the newly added water

    And next time tell your boyfriend to wash his hands because as a woman you can get uti very easy and if you had it once the chances are you will get it again

    as for your parents you can tell them you are sick they do not need to know how you got sick uti is not something you only get when a virus enters your vagina it is more commenly found in what you drink so the doctor will make that assumption

    I work at a hospital and UTI is something that we see everyday.

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    I would go to the doctors, they will most likely put you on anti-biotics, least you arent thinking you had gonorrhea lile i was! Just be careful and get checked out, doctors never hurts.

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