I can't browse the web?

I am trying to open google chrome or firefox or opera but none of them will actually go to a page. The only thing I can use that requires an internet connection is skype which works fine. What can I do? I tried to reinstall the browsers but that did not worked either.


I posted this from a friend's computer. And my internet browser is set to google...

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    7 years ago
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    When you say Skype connects - did you chat or call and actually communicate with someone?

    Firstly - on your friends pc - download malwarebytes antimalware and save to usb - go back to your pc install it and run full scan (you could try to update it first depending on connection issues you have)

    If it does update then it's probably a hack/malware that's blocking your browsers and malwarebytes should find them and just remove them and reboot

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    How did you post this?

    Go into settings and change your internet browser back to Google.

    You probably downloaded some malware that changed your settings.

    Do a malware sweep while you are sleeping.

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