What are the Functional and non functional requirement in student registration system in university?

If possible the potential use cases?

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    Functional requirements deal with the specific goals that students have for registration, such "add a class", "drop a class", and "enroll in system." Non-functional requirements deal with reliability, performance, security, auditability and other factors that are requirements not related to specific functionality.

    For example, non-functional requirements would be that the system be function 24 hours per day, 7 days per week during the semester/term with 0.0000009 percent downtime and 0.0009 percent downtime during term/semester breaks. Some other non-functional requirement would be average response times under 500 milliseconds per request and an audit trail to show all activity that affects transcripts.

    Functional requirement deal with the requirements to achieve a specific goal for a user scenario. For example, the system must provide the option to see open and closed classes for registration when wait lists are available. When wait lists aren't available, show only open classes, since closed classes are unavailable.

    Meeting requirements may have substantial costs. It might be significantly more expensive to maintain high degrees of uptime by creating clustered servers, fully-redundant servers, uninteruptable power supplies, backup generators, backup sites, and multiple communication paths in order to maintain high degrees of uptime. It's also expensive to regularly test these systems to ensure that they recover properly during faults.

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