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help me find this book?

I thought it was a Stephen King work but I went through all his stuff and can't find it

I read it as a kid so I don't remember the details, but I was trying to describe it to a friend and this is the best I could come up with:

[9:26:10 PM] : i swear there was this bit and like the dude is on a phone

[9:26:11 PM] : maybe it's by another author?

[9:26:18 PM] : and suddenly he gets teleported by like a circle of light

[9:26:22 PM] : and he's in a library? Or something, it's some kind of labyrinth tho?

[9:26:26 PM]: and the phone is still in his hand

[9:26:31 PM] : but the cord is cut where the circle ended

[9:26:33 PM] : or something

[9:26:47 PM] : cuz i remember as a kid thinking "**** what would have happened if the circle was off and they cut his lef off"

[9:27:20 PM] : and theres an alien, a small thing, that is like. a companion to the dude through the "game", and i always imagined him to look like the green alien dude from the Flinstones lmfao

[9:27:34 PM] : and i think maybe it's like. a bunch of aliens are there? and they have to kill eachother??

[9:27:39 PM] : and the dude just wants to get home to his lil girl

i know that's not much to go on but it's killing me not knowing this book!!

if anyone has any suggestions of what it might be i'd be very grateful!!

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