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Got my belly button pierced today, now I'm having craps, and problems falling asleep what should I do?

I got my belly button pierced today, and I have a very shallow belly button! The piercer, said one its healed I need to get a ring with a short bar because he had only long ones in his office. So anyways, right now its awkward and sticking up a bit. What should I do to not knock it around while I'm sleeping?

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    Get to a better piercer and have them check out the jewelry. It shouldn't be sticking out a lot and your piercer should be on top of making sure he always stocks jewelry that is for initial jewelry in piercings.

    Make sure you're keeping it clean by doing sea salt soaks twice a day for 5-10 minutes each soak with 1/4th of a teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt to 8oz of hot water. Pour some into a clean shot glass, bend over at the waist, hold the glass tightly to your stomach and then lean back and it will form a suction to soak the piercing. Don't clean it any more than twice a day. Avoid sleeping on it, never submerge a healing piercing under any kind of swimming or bathing water, don't touch or try to change it until it is fully healed (6-12 months).

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    My belly button piercing hurt for the first couple days. I recommend sleeping on your back. Don't sleep on your stomach! Keep remember to clean it as directed and if it looks infected go back to the piercer. Good luck :)!

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    First make sure you clean it a lot. Mine hurt for forever. AND DON'T SLEEP ON YOUR STOMACH! Sleep on you back. Maybe you should take some pain reliever and you'll be fine!

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