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Horse throwing head up?

My horse throws her head up when i ask for her to stand or when we are near home on a hack, she only ever does this in walk! Teeth, back and saddle have been check recently! Why does she do this?

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    she is throwing a temper tantrum. That is it. When you are going home go past the turn and keep going for a little bit, then turn back and go in. Don't let her get used to going straight home. A cupped hand slap to the low neck will also work (only while she is doing it) This make a lot of noise and doesn't hurt. It is just getting her attention. She does it when standing because she is bored and she doesn't want to stand. It could be a bit of barn sour as well. Basically she is just telling you that she doesn't like it and wants to do something else.

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    It can show her threatening you by trying to make herself look taller = more intimidating. Rebellion and out hacking it could be her just not wanting to go back and just trying to go against you or something like tight reins so she seeking relief or habbit just observe and see how she reacts to the bit if you haven't got a D ring snaffle she may find it a bit strong for her mouth or just ride her and be soft on the reins see if she reacts better to softer reins :)

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