Question about applying to canada,if I want to go to medschool afterwards, help please?

So I was filling out OUAC. If I want to go to medical school , which one should I choose?should I choose Life science or Honorus science ?

In the honorus Science catagory there are lots of majors, and in Life science catagory there are few common majors from honorus science. Which one should I choose?

Life science or Honorus science?

And In honorous science there is co-op option, if a major has only co-op option if I click "No" that means I will be submitting for regular one ,is that right?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Honors Science will take you one additional year to complete (so, 4 years). Life Science is usually a 3 year Bachelor's programme. It doesn't really matter which you choose as you major, just as long as during your studies you ensure that you take and score highly on the required prerequisite classes for med school - which usually include:

    Biology I & 2

    Organic Chem

    Inorganic Chem

    Physics 1 & 2

    Anatomy 1 & 2


    (example only, check specific med schools for their prerequisite requirements)

    FYI, also - It is incredibly difficult to get into Med School in Canada. There are only 24 Med Schools, and some accept as few as 88 students per year, Competition among Canadian applicants is fierce, and it is even harder for International students to be accepted. I know people who were rejected from most Canada Med Schools with averages of 98%, and ended up easily getting into top Med schools like Boston College (in the U.S.) instead.

  • 7 years ago

    You have to be very friendly, haha I'm joking-

    You choose Life Science and yes, you click 'no'

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