What laptop should I buy?

I'm graduating this March, so I'll be going off to college soon. So I'm looking for a laptop.

Here are the things I'm using it for:

-Designing, cause I'm taking up Architecture


-Gaming, I only play Sims, GTA and other stuff



I need large memory/hardrive because I download alot.

Lastly, I'm looking for something cheap like less than $1000...

Please suggest. Thank You. :)

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  • John
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    7 years ago
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    this is a good choice. you don't want windows 8.windows 8 is so bad that more people are activating windows 7 than windows 8 each mont. not only are people buying win 7 laptops,but people are buying windows 8 laptops andtaking win 8 off and installing windows 7. so avoid win 8/8.1. this laptop is customizable. choose the i7 option, the dedicated graphics options, and the windows 7 option.will come to 849.and this will last you through college at the least. contact me if you need more help. jdbj32m@yahoo.com


    as for office,fewer and fewer people use MS office. I use this for college. its free/

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