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I got unfriended! did my comments cross the line?

There was an abortion topic on facebook with a bunch of so called christians preaching about how women r evil and theres a special place in hell for them and there alll killlers and they should keep their legs closed and give their babies up for adoption and so forth.


I left a comment saying 'how dare you use god to try to justify being evil and hateful, you should be ashamed of yourself, if your gonna be evil at least act alone and dont try to hide behind god, I know plenty of real christians that dont judge and try to aggressively medal in people life, just keep your nose out of everyones pu---sheesh!'

And the next thing my crush unfriended me! I loved him like crazy and now look! How can I get him to add me again?

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    Question is why do you want him back?

    If he unfriended you for giving an opinion what else would he be capable of?

    Freedom within a relationship means everything said/done is 50/50.

    If he is trying to take away your right to voice your opinions you have no relationship worth wanting back

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    AMEN AMEM AMEN!!!!! Sound like you have a awesome mouth on you like me!!!! Good for you! And so true. Folks use God all the time for their causes be right or wrong and sometimes people have no right cause there is no understanding. Maybe prayer is needed for them to understand first. Called compassion, not holier than you. Keep you comments rolling. I think it was perfect!

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    You may need to get over your crush. Kudos to you for speaking your mind, but there are consequences to speech. He doesn't have to agree with what you said, and who knows, perhaps he's just as fanatical in his views as the group you spoke out against.

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    Yeah, well. so what. I've lost a few friends on FB too because, while they feel free to spew their hatred, they can not accept a contrary point of view.

    You don't want to try to fit in with that crowd. Honest.

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    U r rite to speak your mind and your crush must be a bible basher to just try and get over it u go girl xx

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