Is this relationship worth pursuing?

My soon-to-be partner is Indian. I consider myself lucky because we've been talking and hanging out for quite a long time. However, we've only recently have gotten closer. This primarily stems from the possibility that his future marriage might be arranged.

And because he's afraid of confessing his feelings to his family. I know something will happen between us but I just don't know when.

He'll only get his parents blessing when I become assimilated into his traditions and cultural values. That means faking to be vegetarian and celebrating his religious traditions.

Is dating a guy like this dangerous? He has a-lot of distraction stemming from his family and their is a chance they might disown him. I don't want to be the only family he has though...and I'm scared he'll be clingy if his family does ever disown him.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Ask any other woman that has been involved with an Indian. Horrible idea.

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