etisalat is has stealed my idea for commission?

when are so many friends of i need credit for phone, i transfer them for comission which they would pay later on after add since it is small amount

but now i see to transfer credit, they are charge 10% of amount...this is same as my charge

so why ar epeople criticized me and not etisalat for take of commission?

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  • Nazia
    Lv 6
    7 years ago
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    Because they are the BOSS hence their commission is called "profit".

    And you are an unwanted GUEST in their country hence your profit is called cheating


  • WOrD
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    Sigbert you are just noticing this , they have been charging that since last summer . Where have you been sleeping.


    >>And you are an unwanted GUEST in their country hence your profit is called cheating <<

    Didn't you call UAE a communist country just yesterday (Saudi section) , now what profits are you talking about here.

    I am a local and when I transfer credit I pay same charge , so am I an unwelcome guest in my country also . What a load of nonsense Nazia.

    The real reason Etisalat started charging after it was FREE BEFORE is because a lot of your countrymen (Pakistanis & Indians, some Egyptians & Nigerians also) were abusing the free transfer feature which was meant for Etisalat customers, by using free credit & re-sell that illegally, or to transfer out of the country to other Etisalat int'l customers. Their solution is to allow it for a charge to cover their losses , but then the local transfers were also charged.

    But doesn't Etisalat also operate in Pakistan , and 50+ counties ,what is new about that.

    Its not locals that do not play by the system, we pay the same rate even more in some cases , but rather its you guys that are the real cheaters when you use illegal calling cards and launder phone credit in & out of the country using scrupulous methods that cause untold losses to local phone providers here.

    Everything is unfair if you play unfair. :)

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