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do you like living in florida?

I love florida .... I love the way it makes me feel when I vacation there and the beach. I went fort lauderdale and I love it there. I was wonering what its like to live there ilive inwisconsin so it sucks herebut in about two yearsi want to move to florida when i'm 18 snd attend college in fort lauderdale. Whts living there like is it expensive ? I just love florida so much haha and I want to know if its worth living my life there ..

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    Yes it is a very wonderful place to stay.

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    I'd strongly suggest taking a semi long or two more trips down before committing to FL. It's by no means a bad state, but it's not even close to the best. The cost of living isn't bad, but Ft Lauderdale is one of the more expensive cities. I live in Orlando and will travel for weekend trips to South Florida. Overall it's not bad, but like most cities there are bad areas and good. The job market can be bad depending on what you're wanting to study.

    No answer in the world would be able to tell you if you would like it here. Wisconsin is very different and very far from Florida. I moved here when I was 19 from NC, I don't regret it, but I wouldn't have moved if I could do it again. I've learned a lot and it's been a great almost 5 years, but I missed the little things I had grown accustomed to in NC and it wasn't as easy to get back to visit as I thought it would be. I'm not even that close with my family, but it was eye opening at how much I relied on them if for nothing else, support. College is the time to move out and explore, moving halfway across the country can be a little extreme for most people though. My sister recently tried the exact same thing, moved in with me at 18, she moved back to NC within 6 months. The only reason she was able to pack up and go back was I was willing to let her leave (had she signed a lease it's expensive to break early) and she hadn't committed more than a semester in school. With that said, she's now paying out of state for a NC school because she moved for a little over 6 months and claimed to be a Florida resident.

    With that said, you'd be wise to spend a little money on a plane ticket down for a week, rent a car and just drive around. Don't buy into all the tourist stuff, no Disney trip, no more than one day at the beach. Go into the local stores, grocery/doctors office/you're favorite stores and see if you like the selection. Try to chat with people around town and see how they feel and get their experiences. Look at apartments and get actual quotes on how much it will cost. Understand those numbers change a lot from summer to winter so that will just be a general look at what it will cost. Maybe even try to see where you'd be interested in working, maybe try talking to some managers wherever you'd be interested and see how often and when they hire. Take your time making the decision and talk with your parents. At first they'll probably be against it just because it's far away, but once they settle a little you can present the info you've gathered and they will be able to offer more advice because they know you better than anyone on yahoo does. Best of luck.

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