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can a girl help me...?

Ok,there is that girl we are both 17 and it was love at first sight (atleast for me)

we met about 20 days before and spent 7 days in our school trip together.

She had helped me in the trip in many ways and after the trip i said i would like to thank you for everything maybe we can go for a coffee or lunch together.She said yes.I gave her my number and said call me so we can set a date.three days later she said she is busy right now(maybe because of christmas) but that she would still call me.Now 6 days have passed and i havent heard anything from her.Through facebook i learned that she had a bf till summer,then this guy left to go to university far away but through some statuses/quotes that she posted that she still misses him,and he liked every post and such.I had asked her for the coffee/lunch through facebook(which means she could easily have said no without seeing me anymore,we go to same school but different classes)

My question:Will she call me and why does she need so much time?

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    She probably feels guilty or confused about the whole situation. She probably knows what this means, that she might or already has developed feelings for you and that she is unsure of what to do about the current guy. Since she misses him, she really probably does feel guilty or she's taking some time to think about everything. I would give her a little more time and then say something like, "if you aren't interested, please tell me." but a little less direct than that, and be friendly about it. Try not to get too upset about it and move on if she wants to stay with this guy and not see anyone else.

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    Give the girl her time ... if she called you once to let you know she is busy.. meaning she is considering whether to be with you .. if she wouldnt wanna be with you than she wouldnt call at all...give her.. her time sure she is still getting over her old bf ... for now ..just hang on until you decide its taking things on your own hands to maybe clear things up

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