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I don't know what's wrong with me.?

My last girlfriend cuts herself, but she cuts on her wrist towards her hand and hides it by wearing bracelets. She also cuts on her leg. Hah. And I caught a glimpse at the cuts on her wrist. I didn't feel disgusted, or worry some, not because I cut myself as well. I just loved seeing her cuts. I almost asked her to send me pictures of them :). I always hung out with 4 friends, the only ones I can open up to. Two of them cut, one of them used to. And I really want to see the cuts. I have problems don't I? XD I have a lot of dark thoughts. If you think I'm a creep, go ahead. I'm 14 and I don't know if this is good. But I don't intend to hurt them, ever.

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    No. There is a serious Psychological issue here. Just reading this angers me. You are either a troll, or you need to seek some help. Cutting is never funny, should never be taken this lightly, and sure isn't some prize to put on display.

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    you and her both need therapy do you realize she can end up killing herself cutting deep enough neither of you need to give up theres people out there dying and suffering and they don't give up neither should you tell her mom whats shes doing and go to therapy this isn't normal you should want her to stop

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    OMG ,That's so amazing ,I think that's not a good habit,u should correct it early,That's really dangerous.

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