Why did he keep my number?

A guy I was seeing for two months texted me after one month no contact. It was just "Merry Christmas xx :)".

Personally when something is over I delete the number and move on. So hours later I asked who it was and he replied straight away with his name. 4 days later I sEnt "can you please delete my no.? Thanks."

Why did he keep my number , I'm not the kind that's desperate so he should know to leave it

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  • 7 years ago
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    It's really not uncommon. Some guys just save girls numbers for a while and text them random to. Could be because he had something else going on with another person at the time he got your number or was too shy to contact you and found an opportunity to text you during the holidays. Anyway he probably didn't do it because he thinks you're desperate but that's totally fine if you want him to delete it.

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