Derealisation for 2.5 months now from marijuana...?

Please only answer this if you are well informed. Okay, I smoked weed for the first ever time on October 18th with some friends and it was horrible I had a panic attack whilst high and I thought I was in hell. Later after so much research I realised the weed caused me to have severe anxiety and im facing derealisation atm and it is truly H E L L!!! It is now December the 29th and I feel ALOT better although recovery hasn't been straight, I got much better the day after I smoked for about a month and didn't have derealisation then I got SEVERE anxiety for about 2 weeks now I feel really good but I am still facing derealisation and mild anxiety, it's like my mind isn't completely mine it's a place where lots of thoughts just linger. I keep trying to think positive but sometimes I want to break down and cry, I regret weed so much! I've read so many stories about people facing derealisation, how i'm feeling is always on my mind! ive asked 3 yahoo questions about this I swear this'll be my last one. What I want to know is, will I ever feel COMPLETELY normal again? Bear in mind I haven't felt completely normal for 2.5 months or at least I don't know if I have.. Some of the stories ive read, some people fully recovered others didn't.. this makes me EXTREMELY anxious! I keep trying to reason with myself that recovery for all MUST be possible and those that haven't recovered must've 'forgot' what normal feels like and still feel in a dream, but what scares me so much is I haven't felt completely normal since before the weed (remember it was my FIRST time and I only smoked ONCE after that so Ive only done it twice!) so im thinking maybe im one of these people that never fully recover as it seems like I have forgotten what 'normal' feels like.. Please, has anybody felt like I do and COMPLETELY 100% recovered? Also, when it does go if it does, will it ever come back? Will my panic attacks stop completely? Which I only got from smoking weed never had any before it, what i'm getting to is, I don't want to be the guy that learns to cope with all of this and leaves miserably, I want to get back to normal!!!!!!!!!!! Is it possible? PLEASE enlighten me, ease my mind, HELP ME!!! Please nobody say anything that will dishearten me, I want to know that full recovery and never feeling like this ever again (OH DONT WORRY I'LL NEVER TOUCH WEED AGAIN!!) is possible!

Oh yeah and btw whenever I leave my house the derealisation gets much worse and so does my anxiety it feels like time and everything is moving differently to how I see it and even when I cross the road im scared of being hit because im so off to how everything really is, and also, after I smoked weed, 2 weeks later I drank alcohol and I think it made things much worse :(


Also im anxious and aware to every noise, I think this is why going outside makes me feel so terrible because there are so many noises... I think when my anxiety goes completely so will the derealisation but it has made so depressed I hope I can go back to my old self again :( It's so hard because none of my friends understand, and NHS 111 don't seem to really care; seeing my GP next week though

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  • 7 years ago
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    I did once have this problem after too much weed, and it took a while to go away. It can help to talk to a therapist or psychiatrist about it and let them assure you that they can keep it a secret from your parents if thats what you want. Listening to music that you really like or doing some painting or drawing might help you get your mindframe more positive and point you in a direction toward getting over it. Any kind of positive stimulation, whether musical or artistic or even sexual, could possibly help this. I dont know if I can guarantee you anything not being a professional psychiatrist myself, but I think from my experience that you should be able to get it under control and learn how to avoid doing things that could retrigger it again, such as drugs, and meanwhile avoid going places where you dont feel comfortable or safe.

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