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my puppy doesnt like to be petted on the head?

How can i show him that being petted on the head is a good thing?

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    7 years ago
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    Being pet on the head or top of the back is a dominance gesture. And, while many dogs will tolerate it (from their owners) many, especially very dominant or submissive ones, will not.

    I wouuld not force the issue but I would slowly get the pup accustomed to being touched on top of its head and body as well as everywhere else on its body. Do this through marker training and desenitizing.

    You want the pup to tolerate being touched for the necessary vet visits or grooming situations where it may be necessary to tough him places he doesn't like.

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    I had a male pit bull stray who was about 5 years old when I got him, and he lived another 11 years. A sweet dog except when I tried to pet him on top of his head he would close his eyes and flinch like he was expecting to be hit. I thought for sure he had been abused and mentioned it to the vet when I took him in for his exam and shots. The vet said a small percent of dogs act this way, and it's hard-wired in their brains. Once your hand passes the the point where they cannot see it, this automatic action kicks in that they are at risk because they can't what your hand is doing. I discovered he LOVED having the top of his head rubbed if he and I were sitting on the couch at the same level and I started rubbing the side of his face, I could move my hand up to rub an ear and then finally to the top of his head.

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    What makes YOU THINK you know best or that you ought to be able to FORCE your dog to like your "version" of petting? Some dogs are fearful or submissive by nature, and do not not LIKE having a hand coming down on them. It is threatening & is like the action that would occur from a predatory animal - like a HAWK, if it were going to GRAB them. Instead, such dogs need to be petted from underneath, like stroking UNDER the chin or storked on another part of the body like the back, ribs or stomach.

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    Many dogs hate people to go in on top of their heads - it's threatening. Don't pet him this way.

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  • 7 years ago

    At present you are frightening him. Because the prelude to a dog fight, is when another dog bites the back of his victims neck. For now just stroke him under the chin until he know that he can trust you.

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    Give him a break. He was probably just Thai in his past life. I would just respect his religious and cultural beliefs if I were you. If he doesn't like being petted on the head then respect his wishes please.

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    He's an animal and not human being like yourself. Their sense of reasoning is different.

  • 7 years ago

    hes a puppy. imagine someone putting their hand on ur head. he will catch on.

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