young age medical promblems?

So lately i have been getting super desey and about to the point where im gonna fall. I've been shaking my head trying to get the diseyness away but it inly works about 50 50. my heart has been doing this weird thing it like stops a beat and i stop breathing and it feels like someones been chocking me and my breath gets really hot. i also have been seeing black spots i have good eyesight distance just the clearness has black spots or gets blurry. and i also have been having lots of head aches.

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  • Dan
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    7 years ago
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    You don't list your age, but say you are young. My guess is that you have either very high blood pressure, or very low blood pressure, both can cause dizziness, but the head aches are generally more high blood pressure related. Go to your doctor ASAP, have them do a blood pressure test, tell them about the headaches / dizziness / black spots, this might just be easily cured with a blood pressure medication.

  • 7 years ago

    I would get like that too you should make an apt with your Doctor. What happened with me was i'd get up too fast and a min a 2 get dizzy and pass out, I did that for yrs til this yr I went to my dr told him about he had me go to a cardiologist and they had me wear a heart monitor for 30 days but in a week N a half after wearing it I passed out N the heart monitor recorded it and I found out my heart stopped for 15 seconds.I went to the hospital and the nxt morning they put a pacemaker in my chest. Ive had it for almost 2 months.

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    7 years ago

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