MCRD San Diego or MCRD Paris Island?

Many people from all around the U.S has a qeustion that has yet to be answered....

Which Marine Corps Recruit Depot is Better?

Well its about time we get some OPINIONS (Note: i said opinions) Everyone is entitled to there own personal opinion, so nobody's opinion surmounts the other being. This is just a poll so i can choose whether or not to enlist with my dad in CA or enlist with mom in SC. Please comment your opinion WITH a reason defending your OPINION. Please No Comments Disregarding another Member. and The U.S Armed Forces are a special group of people that should be honored by EVERY U.S CITIZEN so please No Comments Disrespecting our Troops. PLEASE!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    I went through MCRD San Diego. Paris Island is much tougher from what I have heard.

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    7 years ago


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